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Welcome to the SoiréeSmith blog!
This is a journal about the weddings and events we do here in Chicago's North Shore, with some tips and a bit about life sprinkled in.
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Hi, I'm andrea.

My July & YTD Goals, June Recap – How I set goals.

Jul 16, 2019

Goal Setting

SoiréeSmith July Goals

It’s no secret to those that know me…I’m a tactile girl living in a digital world. I’ve had a paper planner for as long as I can remember. I also have all said paper planners going back at least a solid decade. They still bring me joy, what can I say.

In 2018, after a serious bout with feelings of overwhelm, and perpetually trying to keep my head above water, I added physical goal setting “planners” to my life as well. It all started last Summer: with the addition of Lara Casey & the Cultivate What Matters 6-month undated Powersheets.

This was my first time making the time to evaluate my life in 8 different aspects and set goals for my life. My goal: no more letting my days dictate my life. Intentional living. That said, I’ve not been perfect, and I’ve lacked an accountability partner.

Then last Fall I attended my first Blueprint Summit – the genius conference & programs for women entrepreneurs created by Shanna Skidmore. I left Summit last year with Shanna’s My Blueprint Year and I began a guided/coached review of 2018 and goal setting for 2019. I was super pumped at the beginning of 2019 to have a road map for the year on all things I wanted to focus on. And then… well my wedding season (10 weddings in the first 26 weeks of the year…..and well the wheels fell off. That said I was recently challenged with if you could only have one planner, which would you keep. It was My Blueprint Year, hands down (but I am still using Powersheets as well).

My hope (dear reader … if you’re still reading) is that by putting these goals out into the digital universe, you will become the extra accountability I am sometimes seeking. So here we go… let’s start with a recap of what I wanted to achieve for 2019:

2019 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Become my healthiest self: being a mother to two small children, running a solopreneur business, a spouse who travels a ton, juggling all things home and other commitments. Well, my physical and mental wellbeing sits pretty much on the bottom of the list (yes I know, it is the only one I get, and I’ll be more successful, take better care of others and feel better all around if it’s on the top). So yea… Goal #1.
  • Cultivate a heart of gratitude: a quote (from Shanna of course) really struck a chord with me recently “remember when you wanted what you currently have?” – yikes. It is so easy to focus on the lack (especially living in the North Shore), so I wanted to commit to being thankful in the present.
  • Create a life, less anxious: this one’s embarrassing to admit, but trying to juggle it all – welp – it breeds terrible habits in me. And I hate to say but in the first 3-months of THIS year, I felt it physically. So I really want to learn to say no to things, re-establish systems that will help when things are back to really busy, and end 2019 feeling a sense of calm.

Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Shanna Skidmore

Professional Goals:

  • Hit my business revenue goal: this one’s kinda personal so I won’t give specifics. But it helps my to focus on why I do all that I do. It’s to help support my family.
  • Polish the SoiréeSmith branding and client experience: this is one of those things, where done was better than perfect and I want to take things to perfect. Create better workflows, the blog and ensure my email templates and client documents have brand consistency.
  • Strategically network within the North Shore community and build more brand awareness: I truly love where I live and all the other small businesses that call the North Shore of Chicago their home. I have big plans for this blog and celebrating other local businesses – stay tuned!

Financial Goals:

The specifics, for the most part, will be kept to myself. You may see some updates monthly when it feels comfortable to share.

June Progress

Needless to say, not a lot of the above got put into practice with any consistency but here is what did get completed in June (along with executing 4 weddings):


  • Resumed drinking half my body weight (in ounces) of water (74oz per day).
  • Planted our vegetable garden for healthy and homegrown goodness this Summer and Fall
  • A visit with my mom and step-dad (and I wasn’t totally checked out)


  • Updated my proposals in Dubsado for brand consistency.

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July Goals


  • Water – keep up the 74oz/day
  • Go for at least 5 runs this month (or workouts)
  • Use my Start Today Journal daily
  • Meal Plan & Prepare for snacks (healthier eating!)
  • Plan my sister’s bridal shower


  • Edit & Polish all Templates and Email Templates in Dubsado for font and brand cohesion
  • Start the blog
  • Attend 3-networking events
  • Template & reach out to other NS businesses for the blog


  • Finish the BP at Home Course
  • Complete all YTD Monthly P&L details (and log mileage)
  • Update the Household Spending Plan

On the Calendar/Make Memories

  • Canada Day Photo with the kids
  • Our Fourth of July Fireworks Party
  • Pool Day
  • Strollers & Sunnies Event at the Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Zoo Day

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Alright, here we go…. wish me luck!


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