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Planning & Design

there is no detail too small
when it comes to your celebration

but you leave those details

to us.

This is the SoiréeSmith experience,
 but it’s not our show. 

A planning experience For
our most discerning of clients.

We are honoured by the relationships we build with our clients, who seek us out for our ability to plan and design one-of-a-kind events. 

Your wants and needs, plus your personality, story and style, are the focus, and our experience and process is what enables us to create an event that is uniquely you. 

When building a home from the ground up you need a solid foundation and an efficient plan.
A contractor also helps. 

We’ll build your event and handle it all. 


full service Planning

 An efficient 4-phase system designed around you, and focusing on the guest experience and creating an original event.

We’re here to guide you through all the planning
so you can take all the credit from your guests.

We get off to the races with some specific homework and meetings to allow us to get to know you (what makes you tick, where you like to travel, dine, shop… and your story). You define the financial scope of your event and provide us the guest list… and we get to work and present you a realistic spending plan and overall design inspiration. 

This experience builds on all we learned about you in the planning phase and ensures that everything tangible has a cohesive look and feel and is unique to you. We conduct a full presentation including a full document of design details and you approve the overall concept.

This phase commences once the design has been approved. This is the logistics time for us. We confirm inventory, create schedules and ensure everything will flow smoothly between the creative team the week of your event. 

It’s finally time to party! The management and execution portion of the planning process is the culmination of all our work to date. Creation of master, vendor partner and family timelines are created and our team choreographs runs the show so you become guests!

1. the planning phase

2. The design phase

3. the production phase

4. event management & execution


During our complimentary consultation, we will take you through our offerings and the corresponding pricing levels as several elements (like location, scope, and your desired type of event) are factors. For instance, building a large, custom home on a rocky, waterfront plot of land is different than a cookie-cutter cottage on a perfectly flat, grassy plot. 

We understand that wedding planning and costs involved can be a lot of new information to process, and we will guide you through it all. One thing to know from the start, is that we believe in transparency so that our clients know what they are paying for. We do not take kickbacks or commissions from any of our vendor partners.

Due to the level of service involved in our full-service planning,
we only take on a select few events each year.
We are now booking for 2022.

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Let's do this!

If you’re ready to skip the crowd-sourcing and copycatting of weddings, have time to enjoy your engagement, and get the help you need to craft a wedding that would only work for you and your spouse-to-be, the full-service planning experience is for you.

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“From the beginning, Andrea was very understanding of all aesthetic desires and budgetary concerns, and she worked above and beyond to stay within the confines of our needs.”

Sarah B.

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