Access to endless advice and information is everywhere,
 a planner who gets YOU is not.

Pinterest and Checklists and Budgets, Oh My!

My goal is always to give my clients create the day of their dreams... while also supporting my family and the local community I know and love. 

I get it, your time is valuable. You find you’re already at full capacity ... balancing your career, time with family & friends, self-care … and adding “wedding planning” to your plate is more than you bargained for. Discover you can maintain your life, and still have a highly personalized event.

Hi, I’m Andrea. And if this is speaking to you, you’ve landed in the right place. Let’s get planning!

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Heirloom Details

Vintage Veils, Family Jewels... SoiréeSmith loves a great #somethingold


The First Look

It's a strong possibility that we've never NOT cried. Also we bet they will be your most cherished photos from the day!


Practically radiate joy

When two people really love to be together, it shows. And we love it.

Full Planning & Design Consultation

Service Offerings

The service for the client who knows what their own time is worth (and frankly researching countless vendors, checking availability, managing contracts, confirming reception venue requirements and capabilities...and well this list could keep going) and this is not what you would determine to be an efficient use of it. 

What this offering is: all encompassing support to you from the very beginning, until you’ve departed on the night of the wedding.  
What this offering is not: the SoiréeSmith “show”. My clients retain full control over the vision and ideals they wish to achieve. I am here to help steward your wishes. 

SoiréeSmith takes on a maximum of 4 Full Planning Weddings in a calendar year; and these typically book 12-18 months in advance. 2 - Fall 2019 spots remaining. 




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Event Management

Service Offerings

The package for the client whose been (or desires to be) fully engrossed in all the communication, negotiations, contracting and planning YET wants to be sipping champagne and fully engaged with their guests on the day of the wedding (and not worried about whether or not the caterer has arrived).

What this offering is: ending the planning process with confidence. Your personalized timeline creation, a final check on all contracts and most importantly your wedding day advocate; ensuring everything that night goes as you envisioned.
What this offering is not: a full or partial planning experience. This service kicks in 2 months prior to the wedding date to manage all the minutia and that nothing was overlooked.
Who is this service for: the bride who is feeling really good about all her decisions, but loses a little sleep at night worrying about how it will all come together or if she thought of everything!

SoiréeSmith books Event Management opportunities within a 6-month window (or less) from the wedding date.




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Partial Event Planning

Experience / Investment

The package for the client whose feeling exceptionally strong on certain aspects of the wedding planning experience, but is seeking expertise and guidance above and beyond establishing the timeline and assistance the day of the wedding.

What this offering is: entirely custom, and driven by your specific needs.
What this offering is not: The complete planning experience by SoiréeSmith. Full consultation and involvement on the specific areas retained for, vendor recommendations available for all else. Timeline customization and wedding day management is of course included.   

SoiréeSmith books a handful of partial weddings each year (quantity based on complexity and extent of needs). 




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Carats & Cake

Lakeshore in love

Modern Luxury North Shore

and more coming soon...

Press & Praise

"Simply put, Andrea helped create the most ideal wedding experience for my husband and myself. From the beginning, Andrea was very understanding of all aesthetic desires and budgetary concerns, and she worked above and beyond to stay within the confines of our needs. It was particularly impressive that Andrea was able to create a seamless planning process, which might have been difficult as we were planning remotely from Nashville, but this wasn’t an obstacle for Andrea!"

Sarah & Wynne


Andrea kept us on track with wedding planning, helped us with details we hadn't even thought of, and kept our whole wedding day in order so we could enjoy it. This was the greatest gift of all: Not having to stress on my wedding day, and being able to enjoy myself. Knowing myself, this was not something I thought would be possible. It takes a very hard working, experienced, and organized wedding planner to achieve this for the bride! Andrea has great taste, similar to mine, so I knew I could trust her and she could help me make decisions."

"Before hiring Andrea, I was nervous about planning our wedding. I was concerned about missing details and not staying on track with deadlines.

Matt & Molly


"Andrea was awesome for many reasons. We wanted to get married within six months and she assured us from the beginning that we could make it happen. Today, I think the whole wedding planning thing seems like a drawn-out, complex process but Andrea helped make it manageable and simple. She connected us with the right vendors immediately to jump start the planning process. She has a no-nonsense attitude that helped keep us sane throughout the planning process! It's easy to get muddled in the details and feel overwhelmed, but she thoughtfully helps guide you towards decisions to move the process along and create a beautiful day. She was very much a calming force throughout the process. Moreover, we had very similar taste which helped as I completely trusted her opinion. She was super kind towards both of our family members and was considerate of both families when helping us plan our day."

Sarah & Mike


"If someone was planning a North Shore wedding, I would tell them to definitely hire SoiréeSmith!"

"Andrea is amazingly organized, can handle any situation with grace and poise, and makes your wedding day stress-free.
Hire her!"

Alexandra & Eric



Let's get together, yeah-yeah-yeah...